Another Happy Family
Cypress's new home
Dean and I are absolutely overjoyed with 'Cyprus'. I had an idea in my mind
when I came to you for what an abyssinian kitten would be like and since
I've had her she's proven to be so much more. I'm shocked at how socialized
and affectionate she is and we're both blown away by how smart she is. She
is such a little sneak! She can get into the cupboards and out into the
apartment hallway and she finds her ways into things that we thought would
be impossible. It's so much fun living with such an inquisitive creature!
And of course I must mention how beautiful she is, just like your cats that
I saw at the show, they're all amazing. She's spoiled rotten (and in some
ways not rotten - like giving her the healthiest food and taking her to the
best veterinarians). We love Cyprus so much and I hope to get another kitten
from you in the near future. They are truly addictive! Thank you so much for
everything you've ever done. Not only did we get an amazing cat, we got her
from a wonderful person. Thanks again, Dean and Renee.
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