Bounced Cheque from Annette & Craig Peck
Annette & Craig Peck's Bounced cheque
Unfortunately we are unable to accept cheques anymore for payment. Here is an example of a dishonoured cheque that was returned to us almost 60 days after the kitten was adopted. After several attempts to get the person(s) to honour the cheque we have had no luck. We have made contact but they are aware there is very limited recourse for us other than a criminal charge (they live in the US and we are in Canada). We are left to conclude this was a deliberatre fraud that we were too trusting to have detected (the wriiten line was for 5 dollars not 500.00). We are truly sorry to you our new adoptive homes as well as our returning abyssinian lovers. The actions of one disreputable cheat has spoiled the process for the honest adoptive homes. We welcome any questions. Again sorry for any inconvience.
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